Boat Trailer Repairs

Boat trailer – Main frame repair

Boat Trailer Repairs

We can repair any boat trailer. Whether its a rust repair, structural repair, drawbar repair or parts replacement we do the lot. If you would like an estimate on a repair please send us some photos to info@thetrailerandcaravanrepairshop.co.nz or pop in for a chat.
Boat Trailers need extra attention because of their exposure to water, salt water especially is a nasty for any metal component so be sure to rinse your trailer after every visit to the ocean. A poorly maintained trailer can be a hazard to yourself and other road users, no matter how good you are at towing you can never tow a poorly maintained trailer well. If your concerned with the safety of your trailer give us a call or fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll be more than happy to help you with any questions you have.


Safety is paramount at The Caravan and Trailer Repair Shop and we recommend servicing your trailer twice a year. Leaving your trailer sitting over the winter months can allow moisture to get inside the bearings causing rust onto the cone, this will build up turning into rumbling and eventually cause a collapsed bearing. Have piece of mind knowing your trailer is safe to tow.

Your service will consist of:

  • Full brake shoes and drum inspection & adjustment
  • Wheel bearings checked for wear & play
  • Wheel bearings re-greased
  • Brake hoses checked for wear
  • Full chassis inspection: checking for stress fractures and twisting from over loading and wear
  • Floor inspection for wear which will avoid floor failure
  • Lights and wiring check
  • Coupling check and re-greased
  • All tyres inspected for wear & tyre wall cracking
  • Suspension check for wear

Easy Steps to Keep Your Trailer in Tact

  1. Wash your trailer with fresh water after every trip from the ocean.
  2. Clean Wheels and Brake Hubs.
  3. Jack your trailer up, spin the wheels, listen for rumbling… this indicates worn wheel bearings.
  4. Have any rust checked out by a professional. It may look just like surface rust but it could be eating it’s way from the inside.
  5. Keep your tyres pumped up.
  6. Make sure your coupling and safety chain is in good condition.
  7. Maintain your Winch and Rollers.
  8. Make sure your lights are working at all times.


Security is one thing you should have ticked on your list when owning a boat and boat trailer. Having insurance is advised. We have a few products to help prevent those nasty thieves.

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